''Home is a place that plays enormous role in your life. It's where you relax, refresh, rejuvenate after long day of work. It's where your kids grow, run around, filling the entire space with their noises and chatter. It is the place that you are most fond of, where all the family gatherings take place and all your thoughts belong. It's, where you invite your friends and companions and you would like it to shine, to be beautiful, to be extravagant, to be talked of, a place that you are truly proud of.''

I set up Beautiful Interiors in 2015 after several years of gaining practical skills and knowledge in construction  industry.  Since I can remember, I had this feeling of great interest and pleasure in making living spaces more elegant, colourful, sumptuous, comfortable. At first just moving furniture around to create better layout and space, was giving me real thrill but with time passing, it was not enough to satisfy my continually  hungry desires. I started playing with paint and the texture of walls. I created many faux finishes like marbling, fresco, colour wash. Sometimes I would have spent hours applying my favored effect to the wall using tiny, little brushes to make it look perfect. Gradually I progressed onto making furniture. Having the space always in mind I created many of custom build cabinets, wardrobes, beds, even a complete  kitchen units. On my path in developing the ability to create unique designs, I played with colour and texture, lightning and shades, combining together different materials blended carefully into wide array of styles. In my free time, I studied  art and architecture, just because it was so inspiring, so powerful and beautiful. I would feed my senses for hours studying carefully the stonework, the archways, the craftsmanship of many churches, cathedrals and other buildings. No, I don't have formal education in that field, but it was always my great passion. I admire all art, be it painting, sculpture, building or simply the panorama of country side, that little thatched cottage perched cheerfully in the midst of a meadow, it all  gives me the inspiration in my work. 
I studied Building and Construction at Technical College in Swidwin, Poland, where I acquired the knowledge of various building techniques, materials and styles as well as practical expertise in whole range of building skills. I am very passionate about my work and can honestly say that designing and making elegant, tasteful spaces full of soul and character, is the love of my life. It is so rewarding seeing that big smile on your face when you enter your new, beautiful room.
I am inviting you to have a look at my galleries. You'll find there my finished works, design and visualizations. I hope that you will find it interesting. Have a lovely day.
My kindest regards
Gerard W. Rycharski
Beautiful Interiors
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